Hello and welcome!

You may probably ask yourself what a virtual Dojang could be.
The training of a martial art demands the physical presence of master and student in a special environment – the Dojang.
But: what, if a global pandemic virus outbreak leads to a situation where personal interactions can cause infections and the authorities prohibit the traditional training?
New ways have to be found for learning, teaching and interacting!

I am Grandmaster Gerhard Brunner, 9th Degree Black Belt in Traditional TaeKwonDo and I offer a new and amazing way to develop:
on a physical, a mental – and a very personal level.
From now on you have the opportunity to get private lessons with me, no matter where you are in the world.

My motto has always been:
„Commit your spirit to the pursuit of excellence!“

The time has come to transfer this deep conviction into a virtual, but nevertheless more personal than ever environment and experience for my students.
Are you ready for your own progress?

You are very welcome to contact me:


Traditional TaeKwonDo – Private Lessons
Kimoodo / Korean TaiChi – Private Lessons