Worldwide Services

What I have to offer is guidance on your very own way: the „Do“ in TaeKwonDo.

Maybe you already know me from my schools, my seminars or training camps all over the world – or maybe you are new to martial arts.
Due to the unique environment of the virtual Dojang, it doesn’t matter where in the world, or how experienced you are. Whether you are in America or Asia or Europe, whether in your living room or in your office, whether beginner or advanced: you are welcome in my virtual Dojang!

– Do you want to start with a traditional east asian martial art?

– Are you already experienced in TaeKwonDo and want to improve your technique?

– Do you need to train your forms under supervision of an experienced Grandmaster? Or, do you need a new form to be opened to you?

– Do you want to get in shape? You are interested in a fitness workout with your own bodyweight, that strengthens your entire core?

– Do you want to learn Kimoodo, the Korean „Thai Chi“, to work on your balance, stretching abilities and your inner self? Maybe you want to achieve a certificate as an instructor?

– Do you need to escape all the corona madness without leaving your home?

– Are you looking for an activity the whole family will enjoy?

If your answer to any of these questions is „YES!“ than you are at the right place and you should contact me!